I did an unofficial study recently and determined that less than 0.1% of “self-made” people “fluke” their way there.

We always see successful and wealthy people that have “made it” and we assume that there was one, seminal moment in their lives or careers that happened to get them there. One thing that occurred and they suddenly “arrived”.

The truth is that most of them just picked a direction and got on with it. They put their heads down and plowed forward. Through good times and bad times. Through changes in their lives and in their businesses.

One day sometime later, they picked their heads up and realized… “Hey, this is pretty cool. I like where I’m at!”

There is certainly that 0.1% (1 in 1,000) that started a business in a industry that was just about to boom (without knowing it) or had an idea for a product and met the exact right person at the exact right moment.

If we spend our days searching for that right business, that right product, that right person, we’ll end up treading water for 30 years and wonder where all the time went.

We need to get our heads out of the clouds and focus on what it is that we have your hands on right now. If we become the best at what we do, if there’s another, better opportunity, it’ll find us.

Don’t worry about searching for the “big thing”. It’s already looking for you…all be it, a much better version of you. Maybe you’re already doing the “big thing”. The thing that will define your life but you’re not developed enough yet to realize it and take it where it needs to be…

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