And he still knocks it out of the park…!

This was an exercise I was given once by a business coach and I loved it. A doctor has diagnosed you with a condition that means complete bed rest and you can only stress your mind and body for one hour per week.

Obviously, this is an exercise to get you to think about your unique ability and the greatest impact you can have on your company’s success. For most people (assuming an abundance of leads), it’s sales. You’d spend that hour in your store or on the phone selling.

You may argue that for a painter it would be painting. I would say he needs to spend his hour selling what he’s already painted. Otherwise, he’s going to starve to death on his rest bed.

I think the best “generic” answer is strategic planning and marketing.

If I, personally, only had one hour per week, I would spend my time as follows:

15 minutes thinking about what I can say that will bring the most eyeballs to my business in a positive way.

15 minutes writing a 500-1,000 word article on a hot topic related to my business. (This one’s a stretch but pretend I can type wicked fast).

15 minutes posting it everywhere and then cutting it up and scheduling the pieces to be delivered as individual posts on Social Media (via Hootsuite).

15 minutes responding to questions, comments and direct messages from the previous weeks stuff.


Thoughts? What would you do with your 1 hour…?