One of the biggest transitions anyone can make in running a business is to realize that as the owner they need to BE THE BRAND, not the product or service they sell. Most things we sell these days are commodities, meaning that they can be bought or sold in multiple places. You can sell watches but so do a hundred other places in your area. You’re a plumber but there are a million plumbers around. Someone will always beat you on price and someone will always build a better mousetrap. You need to eventually remove your product or service from the equation and replace it with the value of YOU.

The greatest (and most overused) example of all is Starbucks. You can get a cup of coffee literally anywhere. Including your own kitchen very easily and not to mention for FREE in your bank’s lobby. So why do we pay an ungodly amount for a Starbucks coffee? Because we’re not just buying a cup of coffee, we’re buying an experience, a feeling.

In your business, you need to become the brand, to raise your personal value to the point that your product isn’t the primary driver of sales. The easiest way to do this is to figure out what you client or customer really wants and give them that. The reason BEHIND the reason.

You may have a hundred RVs on your lot but you’re really selling dreams, and travel and a lifetime of experiences. If you become a resource for RV-related travel tips and destination ideas, then you’re moving closer. If you become the best in the area at providing accessories and top-notch RV service, then you’re moving closer. If you become SO knowledgeable about the industry and provide a level of service unlike any other, again, you’re moving closer.

You can buy RVs all over the place but why will people seek you out time and again? Because you’re the creator of amazing, immersive experiences.

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