Obvious Advertising specializes in Marketing Coordination.

What is Marketing Coordination, you ask?

Simply put… it’s Ideas + Implementation.

Let me explain by showing you a “month in the life” of OA and a typical client.

  1. Get together with the owner and/or marketing team to generate ideas and content. With Web Tonic Marketing you can get the right service for your marketing management and strategy, including every single step regarding what your business needs.
  1. OA content team gets together to generate more ideas and content.
  1. Client uses personalized email address to send in ideas later and over time (e.g. yourbiz@obviousadvertising.com)

Now, affiliate marketing is essential for some companies, and the basic idea is that you promote other people’s products through an affiliate network by earning a commission thanks to your marketing. The Affiliate Institute has some of the best training for you to make this happen.

Next, we go to work…

WebsiteVýsledek obrázku pro marketing

  • Blog posts scheduled
  • Home page and slider updated
  • Images updated
  • Everything tagged and optimized for SEO

Social Media

  • Daily posts scheduled across three possible categories; Happenings, Subject Matter Expertise and Calls to Action
  • All social media accounts updated including cover image


  • Flyers, Newsletters, Billboard and Print Ads, Marketing Collateral all created

Email Marketing

  • Campaigns designed
  • Email Blasts scheduled
  • Interested in finding out if this is a good fit for your business? Click HERE to request a 30-min pow-wow…

(Disclaimer: pricing varies based on the volume of work involved in marketing your company. We have clients that we bill anywhere from $300 to $2,500 per month)