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Daniel Wainwright

Daniel Wainwright

Owner/Account Director

Phone: 337-513-0229

Tara Wainwright

Tara Wainwright

Creative Director & Social Media Manager

We are Business Owners. We Understand. Rarely does a business owner have both marketing expertise and time. We have both. It’s time for your organization to finally go to the next level… Obvious Advertising was created to bring new ideas to the business community. Frustrated by the lack of targeted and affordable marketing and advertising options, the creators developed a number of exciting concepts as alternatives. Next we built a full-service marketing department for your to put to work in your business. It’s time. Let’s do this.

It’s time for your organization to finally go to the next level…

Testimonials & Featured Clients

Curt Beckham

“Daniel at Obvious Advertising has helped transform my marketing plan from just ideas on paper to effective marketing. I don’t think there is such a thing as a magic bullet in marketing, but the mobile digital billboard truck is the closest thing to it. I’ve had so many customers and people in the community comment on how noticed it is. I often get asked, “How many ads on all those trucks do you run monthly?”  My reply is, “Just one.” I don’t think there is a more effective form of marketing, in my opinion. It gives me the best bang for my buck. My slogan is “Let’s Meet on Purpose, not by Accident” – which is the essence of what I do: being a proactive insurance agent for my customers. Daniel helped me take that slogan and put it to work for me in the Lake Area. Thanks Daniel and Obvious Advertising for helping me to take my business to the next level!” – Curt Beckham; State Farm Agent

Walnut Grove

“Creative, easy to work with and an absolute wealth of knowledge. It is a pleasure working with and learning as much as I can from Daniel. He would be an asset to any team.” – Nikki Alston, Marketing Director, Walnut Grove

The Ritz Salon

Daniel and his team at Obvious Advertising have gone above and beyond our expectations and delivered some great advertisements for us without us having to do much work! The process was so convenient and we are satisfied with how they took what we want and needed and turned it into something we could not have imagined.”  – Melinda Tilley; The Ritz Salon

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