We work with two very specific types of Business:

1. The company that is in between “Marketing People” – Or maybe they’ve never had one but they’ve grown to the point where they need one and don’t want to hire someone full time.


2. The Solo-Entrepreneur – This is the person that is leaving full-time employment and starting their own company (BY THEMSELVES), and they need help.


Why do we work well with these two types of company?

1. We keep things simple and systematized. We don’t mess with the sales process (that’s their job), we just support it.

2. We have years of experience in growing companies. Marketing consulting is our thing and we’re good at it.

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What is Marketing Coordination?

Defined loosely as “taking care of the little things”, Marketing Coordination helps a growing company cover the basics. For businesses large enough to need marketing help but perhaps to too small to hire a full time Marketing Director our services help fill the gap.

Have the time-consuming marketing work done for you and have it look unbelievable at the same time.

We meet monthly with our clients to plan ahead and prepare a marketing plan to take the business to the next level.

Simply put… it’s Ideas + Implementation.

Planning Promotions and Campaigns
Web Design
Social Media Scheduling
Design Work
Email Marketing and much more…

Let me explain by showing you a “month in the life” of OA and a typical client...

1. Get together with the owner and/or marketing team to generate ideas and content.  you can get the right service for your marketing management and strategy, including every single step regarding what your business needs.

2. OA content team gets together to generate more ideas and content.

3. Client uses personalized email address to send in ideas later and over time (e.g.

We’re ready when you are!

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