I know it’s been a while since it closed but as more and more restaurants close and new ones open, it’s time to think about WHY…

I believe for a restaurant to be successful in Lake Charles they need one or more of these things in place:
Unbelievable (and consistent) FOOD. I know “Duh”…but there are too many restaurants where the food is just “okay”.
A great LOCATION (think Rikenjaks).
An energetic and dedicated LEADERSHIP team and staff (think Nina P’s).

That’s where Newks failed. The food was okay, the location was fine and the staff were friendly. Nothing stood out, nothing remarkable.

In this day and age, if you open a restaurant you should be able to provide decent food and a decent venue but will they stay that way…? That’s where the third and all important factor comes in. Energy.

That’s why restaurants like Rikenjaks, Luna and Nina P’s are so popular. In addition to good food and a great venue, they have energetic leadership. They’re always providing more. More events, musicians, specials, promotions and fun. These owner’s and managers are leading the charge with purpose and enthusiasm and their staff follow them. They’d follow them to the ends of the earth…

Newks didn’t have that. Neither did Coyote Blues (from what I could tell). The lights were on but nobody was home.

Lake Charles will always show you love if you earn it…it’s a lesson to any business, large or small.

Daniel Wainwright – 6/20/18