Nope. Unfortunately it’s not enough. Once per day is a good frequency but it’s quality that’s important, not quantity. If you can post daily but with GREAT STUFF, that’s better.

Most businesses only post one type of post. Just text, just photos or just video. You need a variety. Mix it up.

You should think about your Facebook Account (and other social media accounts) as a TV channel. As people are browsing their FB feed, if your programming is great they’ll stay tuned…even through the commercials (which is you pitching a quick call to action once in a while).

Furthermore, you should add variety in other ways. Post photos from today and from the past. Create videos that are funny and some that are serious and informative. Create in depth “subject matter expertise” articles and silly “the top 5 ways NOT to use our product” articles. Photos indoors AND outdoors, with people in them and without. Professional edited videos and short, candid videos.

People know you’re there because of the sign you hung but to get them to like you and trust you, you have to let them in…